Is Calendly free?

Calendly mention in "Is Calendly free?" questionYes, Calendly's Basic pricing option is free. Calendly also offers Paid Pricing Plans - their Premium plan for $8 per month, and their Pro plan for $12 per month With Premium, customers will have:

  • 2 calendar connections per user
  • A personalized booking link
  • Web, iOS, and Android apps
  • Unlimited Scheduled meetings
  • Unlimited Active Event types
  • Unlimited one off meetings
  • Meeting notifications
  • One-on-one event types
  • Group, collective, and round robin event types
  • Team pages

With their Pro Plan, customer will get all of the above, as well as

  • 6 calendar connections per user
  • Workflows

Pro customers will also receive more customizations, integrations, and support.

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