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What is Wurkbuk?
Wurkbuk is a website where you can create and share digital worksheets for teaching and learning. It allows you to plan and organise learning resources, teach and manage your lessons and mark in a quick and easy way online. Wurkbuk is designed for teachers and instructors to use in class or remotely . It is currently in Beta 3.5 and now features, self-marking quiz creation and sharing and direct import of resources from the Wurkbuk website. It is totally free to use.

Wurkbuk tech stack

We're aware of 3 technologies that Wurkbuk is built with. Wurkbuk utilizes products like Google Fonts, Font Awesome in their tech stack

Recent launches

Wurkbuk allows you to plan, teach and mark using digital worksheets. It is meant for teachers and instructors to use in class or remotely to help manage student work. It is currently in Beta 3 and totally free to use. Paid options start after Beta 3 phase.
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