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The best alternatives to traduora are LocaleData, PhraseApp, and Aligner. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to traduora
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  • LocaleData is a simple translation management platform for Ruby on Rails apps that helps you work on your YAML translation files even with your non-technical teammates. Upload your existing project translations...

  • We are excited to invite all to our Beta. Aligner is a great tool for product managers, support folks and anybody else who manage content in multiple languages to enjoy stress free editing and deliver new piece...

  • Easily manage translation for multilingual app.

  • LanguageBot allows international teams & foreign language speaking workers to communicate directly within Slack using /slash commands to translate between languages. Your team can start testing free with 5000 t...

  • Build a Translator Bot without coding from Google Sheet on Slack, Chatwork and Rocket Chat.

  • Lokapp is a collaborative tool developed for teams to manage the translations of all mobile and web projects. Lokapp is an open source platform which aims to automate the generation of translation files in an e...

  • 90+ languages at your fingertips.