To Kill A King

To Kill A King

Old school style Japanese role playing game
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What is To Kill A King?
About This Game Enter Rots….a foul-mouthed, short-tempered, and belligerent undead warrior "erected" to serve the Ignoble King completing his mundane tasks and honoring his frustrating requests. ERADICATE THE MEATBAGS Battle it out in frustration with 100+ enemies and monsters determined to stop Rots for their own selfish gain and glory. Find and eradicate the numerous meatbags that plague the land, and just because Rots can't stand them. VENTURE FORTH Explore un-typical numerous locations, towers, dungeons and caves and watch as Rots' temper flares! Visit the Caves of Frustration, and stay awhile. Or shack it up in Rots' Lair for some quality reading and a bathroom break. THE GRIND BUT SHORT! 30+ hours of RPG style game play that deviates from the cliche's of the genre and does not take itself seriously. Grind your way to restore Rots' lost power and seek revenge against the Ignoble King. INFUSION Infuse Rot's weapons, armor, and accessories from random items and parts taken from defeated enemies, or found in the world. Enhance your gear with extra stats of your choosing based on the item used. Careful when infusing, there are no take-backs! ELEMENTS OH MY! Exploit the elemental weaknesses of Rots' enemies. Be wary as Rots' foes are also able to exploit her weaknesses as well. Find items or abilities that can bolster Rots' elemental defenses, or weaken her foes. THANK YOU AUTO-SAVE Save early and save often! You never know when the enemy will take advantage of Rots' anger and frustration! Auto-Save is your friend and back-up plan for when you have forgotten to save before a big moment.

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To Kill A King
An old school style classic JRPG with a foul mouth, foul-tempered undead warrior hell bent on revenge against the Ignoble King. Over 30 hours of gameplay!
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