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What do people think of Supportiv?

The community submitted 39 reviews to tell us what they like about Supportiv, what Supportiv can do better, and more.
What do you think about Supportiv?
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39 Reviews
Vick Videos Production
Video editor
I just love them and what they stand for. Honestly people should respect what they are doing for the world wide communities and for the individuals from providing support to giving advices.

Johan Mcully
Ex Veteran and coach
As a veteran and someone with a very sensitive and difficult past, I was introduced to this website by a good friend of mine. I'm not the best at leaving reviews and giving high complex wordings regarding it but what I am good at is being honest. With 100% honesty I can say that the website helped me and the moderators were very extremely kind and helpful. I suggest people should try it first before judging it!

Clara Thompson
A cute and loveable person.
I LOVE THEM! This website is just what I needed. Shout out to the Moderator Jane who literally spent 5 hours with me talking and helping me see things from different perspective.

Filip Paunovski
Working and developing new strategies
I've been using the website when I really needed it the most. Probably it is an individual experience judging by the comments from other users but for me personally it was levitating. The moderators were very helpful and the community overall helped me get through the hard times.

John Dowson
Content writer / poet
Thanks to Supportiv I feel... encouraged and not judged. I recommend people use the app, It really helps speaking with people!

Lonely Ranger
Lonely ranger in the night
I have heard about Supportiv from a friend of mine ( he is probably somewhere in the comments too ) He wasn't much happy about the experience he had, but he told me about the website and said to give it a try. After using the free period that this guys provide I felt really good while chatting in their rooms. I loved it and decided to stay longer and in the end of the day it costed me less then a coffee and I really got the help I felt I needed. So in the end of the day it is an individual feeling probably some people have had better and some worse experience but I believe we should appreciate the fact that there is a platform that provides mental support to people that are in the need.

Fiona Richardson
HR & communication specialist
I've heard about Supportiv totally out of the blue. At first I was sceptic but then I said what can go wrong, they offer a free trial and I decided to take it. Turns out it was the greatest thing I did in the past weekend. Great job.

Rhythm&Truth Band
Music for the soul
I really love the website. They are offering real 24/7 support which is rarely to find even online nowadays. Just imagine having someone to talk to whenever you feel down. I mean let's be real they are doing a great job! Love them.

George Wilkins
Building social apps
Easy to use website and supportive staff. I recommend it to others!

I went on here to help with my suicidal thoughts and the situation I’m in, and before I could even fully vent and be listened to I was directed to suicide hotline. Now I feel even worse, if not even a stranger on a vent website wants to listen to me then who will