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Michael Jay Moon
Advisor to high growth startups
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5 ways by which this could be a 10, using scorecard, rating these factors on a scale 1 to 10 1. Score RELEVANCE to s newbie, intermediate and advanced BUSINESS pro 2. Score IMPACT for low to mission critical impact on STARTUP viability 3. Score NOVELTY of insights low to high 4. Score low to high levels of prescriptive ACTION 5. Indicate AUHTOR'S POV: Observer, Analyst, Academic, Practitioner, Masterclass Coach/Advisor I have found that authors write from one of two a priori perspectives: 1) Doers on the field of play with real first-hand knowledge 2) Spectators in the f***b bleacher who provide watered down journalistic summaries So, yes, list makes a good gambit for getting click-thru affiliate juice from Amazon and a prompt to buy or check out a book about which you already knew or wanted to get.


Ozgur Taskaya
CEO @ Fenomio
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