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What is Kassel Labs?
Our mission is to help people express their creativity and imagination. Create great experiences with Kassel Labs tools and services. Get your favorite movies and series in your presentations, invites and many other uses. We currently have intros for: - ⭐ Star Wars - 🚲 Stranger Things - πŸ–₯️ Westworld - πŸ‘‘ Game of Thrones - πŸ§ͺ Breaking Bad - πŸ„ The Last of Us - ❌ Among Us (Ejection video)

Recent launches

Stranger Things Intro Creator
Easily create your own Stranger Things opening video, you can one-up your: - Parties πŸŽ‰ - Talks πŸ“– - Surprises 😯 - Video Invitations βœ‰οΈ - And much more! With a video with this great theme!
Stranger Things Intro Creator image
Breaking Bad Intro Creator
Breaking Bad Intro Creator lets you customize the customized opening with the texts you wish and then download it as an image or video.

It automatically find the chemical elements that should be assigned for your text. Check it with your name!
Breaking Bad Intro Creator image
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