SquareKicker: Squarespace Extension

A no-code Squarespace design and animation extension
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What is SquareKicker: Squarespace Extension?
A no-code design & animation extension for Squarespace websites. SquareKicker gives you the power to design and build custom Squarespace websites with a visual builder without needing to write a single line of code. No university required…
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Recent launches

SquareKicker Scrolling Animation Effects
Enable scrolling effects on Squarespace with SquareKicker. With this epic no-code tool, anyone can add vertical and horizontal movement, opacity, scale, rotate, and blur to any block with a single click and curate amazing, eye catching complex animations.
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SquareKicker 2.0
Creating a beautiful website is easy, but creating something truly unique, taking your vision beyond the limit of a template was just not possible on Squarespace without complex code… Until Now

SquareKicker, the no-code design extension for Squarespace.
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