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The best alternatives to Span are Slite, M, and Iris.. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Span
  • Slite combines powerful knowledge management features with instant, AI-driven access to information, bringing growing teams a single source of truth they can actually trust.

  • A personal assistant built inside Facebook Messenger

  • Iris is a combination of task manager and mind-map for more flexible and convenient achievement of your goals. It allows you to constantly visualize the whole picture of your goals, tasks, and ideas.

  • A personal assistant for families with a baby.

  • Robin gives you the power to manage a return that works for everyone. Safely reopen and create a long-term flexible strategy that’s right for your team. Robin makes your office feel bigger than you think. With easy meeting room scheduling and desk booking, the entire workplace is better utilized. Colleagues become easy to find with interactive maps.

  • A powerful platform that gives you the ability to focus on your customers by freeing up manager’s precious time. Easy, customizable restaurant scheduling software empowers restaurants of all sizes to simplify their team management.

  • Let's make it safer to get back to the office! See how many people are at your office at any time, and if there are any slots left for you to take. Confirm that you follow your company's guidelines to be able to check in, and enjoy a work day from the office.

  • We streamline the process of employee scheduling, attendance and payroll by providing an end-to-end solution to manage all in one place. We help mid-size to large businesses cut costs for managing employees. We believe our software offers the most essential features for managing a large pool of employees at multiple operations.

  • Klinio is a personalised diabetes management and weight loss plan. It’s created specifically for people struggling with diabetes-related issues - high blood sugar, unwanted weight, high cholesterol, and much more.

  • Manage your workforce in the office or on the go

  • Manage your diabetes in the comfort of your home! No more expensive checkups and long line-ups at the office. For only $29 you’ll be able to chat with one of our registered dietitians and together we’ll create a personalized plan to build healthy habits!

  • Gain control of your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Create personalized meal plans based on your nutritional requirements. Track all your numbers in one place - bp, weight, a1c etc. Get instant feedback.

  • Glucly is a mobile application for diabetics. It monitors and evaluates entered measurements and additional information that have an impact on diabetes. Statistics and graphs can be shared directly from the application with your doctor or whoever you need to.

  • Offices are changing. Get Working allows your team members to book which days they want to come in, so there’s always a safe and available space for them to work. Control capacity, screen staff for potential COVID-19 symptoms, and trace possible exposures.

  • Powerful solution to enable you to track employees attendance using Attend Zone application on their mobile device (iOS, and Android). The interface design is very easy to be understood by anyone in your team, they will be able to use the application to record attendance from their mobile device without any support or assistance.