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Engineering at Lemongrass

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This is a great extension and VERY useful. However, the notes inside the pages are being saved based on the whole URI and that is a bummer; if it was saving notes based on the URL, that would be better, I guess. (not sure if that is the best solution). I mean, if I click on a 'div' link in the page and it changes the URI just a bit (even though it is on the same page) all my notes are lost, and that is awful. Therea are two other minor thing. First, I would appreciate if the option to highlight somewhere in the page is more customizable, with a more vast option of colors and transparency. Second, There are some web pages background colors that makes the 'Spade toolbar' hard to see, so maybe adding some customizations options for that as well. If those three things that I mentioned are updated (especially the one about losing notes on the URI changes just a bit), I will for sure give this a 5 star rating and recomend it to everyone
Michael Xing
Hi, Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like an easy update to make, and I can understand why that is very frustrating. I will get on that right now. The options for more customizable colors and transparency are also doable, and I'll add them to the to-do list.

Ezzat Suhaime
Thanks for the review!

Jing Chen
Jing Chen
Developer, Entrepreneur
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Can group the marked pages under topics? Would be helpful that I can share the grouped pages with others.