Sobhan Eskandari

Sobhan Eskandari

Indie iOS developer, creating #Penman with my wife
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What is Sobhan Eskandari?
-- Tell your story -- With the power of Googles speech to text software, you can seamlessly convert your words to notes and write in over 120 different languages! Just start it and tell your story.

Sobhan Eskandari tech stack

We're aware of 5 technologies that Sobhan Eskandari is built with. Sobhan Eskandari utilizes products like Product Hunt, Google Fonts in their tech stack

Recent launches

Penman - Speak your Notes v3
BIGGEST update to Penman is available now!
We have recreated Penman bringing a new experience. let’s dive into the new features:
• iPhone, iPad and Mac version
• Universal Purchase
• New Design
• New Sync system
• Trash
• New Editor
• New Notebooks
Penman - Speak your Notes v3 image

Penman is a new and improved Notes app which uses the power of your voice, you can speak your thoughts into text, record on the fly remarks, all simply with your voice.

Penman image

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