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Smart Invoice

Crypto invoicing made simple.
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What is Smart Invoice?
The easy-to-use tool providing Web3 freelancers with secure cryptocurrency invoicing, escrow, and arbitration. Smart Invoice is a crypto payment and escrow protocol that allows freelancers and companies in Web3 to efficiently secure payments. Payees create an invoice that is smart contract-backed and send it to their clients. The payor then deposits the funds, guaranteeing the availability of the amount due. The client then can release the funds to the payee's wallet.
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Smart Invoice tech stack

We're aware of 3 technologies that Smart Invoice is built with. Smart Invoice utilizes products like Next.js, Google Tag Manager in their tech stack

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Smart Invoice
Smart Invoice turns invoicing on its head:
- Sent at the beginning of the project instead of the end
- Client pays up front
- Funds remain in escrow and aren’t released until work is delivered
- Built on Ethereum so payments are fast, secure, and cheap
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