The customer service app for all Slack users.
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What is Slaask?
Our product, as well as our team, are hyperspecialized and 100% Slack-based. We believe in focus. There's no other company out there as zoomed in as we are on customer messaging via Slack. Slack is a part of our DNA. Proof of that? We are the first fully funded, fully Slack-based company in the world.
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Recent launches

Slaask V2

Slaask supercharges your Slack to function as a real-time customer service app shared among your team.

With Slaask, you can interact with your leads and customers wherever they are on the web from a single point in space: Slack!

Get started for free with Slaask if you believe real-time communication is key to customer success 🚀

Many to Slack

This live chat room, fully integrated into Slack, is where your leads and customers can interact together and help each other, with no authentication required. Your team will receive all the messages in a single Slack channel, and you can interact with your leads and customers as you wish! Read more ⬇️

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