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Bored and scared by all the overwhelming effort you need to put in place to ship your product? Shipped has all you need: code, documentation, and community. 🖼️ Landing pages (+ waitlist & pre-orders) 🤖 Fullstack (Next.js) 🙋‍♂️ Auth (NextAuth & Supabase) 📩 Email (Loops & MailChimp) 🛡️ Database ORM (Prisma) 🎨 UI Kit (ChakraUI & TaildindCSS) 💰 Payments (Lemon Squeezy Merchant of Records) ✍️ Markdown & MDX based blog media 1 media 2 media 3

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Get access to the code that includes everything you need to build your product quickly, and make money. Plus, a private Discord community to get support on the way. image