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The best alternatives to Share A Tree are This Song Plants Trees, Plantyflix, and Ecologi. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Share A Tree
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  • Add this short (31 second) song to streaming playlists. All the $ generated goes to reforesting the world. Every ~100 streams we plant a tree. It's the world's first MP-Tree Offset your streaming

  • Watching 1 hour of Netflix is the same as driving a car for 3.3km (2 miles). Plantyflix helps you to plant trees each month while you watch your favourite films and TV shows. It's super affordable, starting at ...

  • Ecologi is a subscription service to help you lower your impact on the climate. We help businesses and everyday people lower their impact on the planet with an affordable monthly subscription.

  • OpenTabs is a non-profit browser extension that allows you to passively raise funds towards ending poverty & stopping climate change by simply opening new tabs. Just think of how many tabs you open a day, and n...

  • Evergreen is a Slack app that helps teams to give more recognition to each other and at the same time you'll be planting real trees. 🌳