Your AI copilot for creativity and innovation.
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What is Seenapse?
Your AI copilot for creativity and innovation. Get hundreds of truly creative ideas in minutes. Enterprise ready. Use cases: Marketing, Content, Innovation, Strategy, Problem solving. Trusted by creative companies all over the world.
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Seenapse 2.020
Seenapse is always there when you need a brainstorming partner: 
just type in the topic you’re working on and it will give you mental associations made by people from different cultures, leading you to divergent paths and sparking new ideas in your head.
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Seenapse is an inspiration engine, powered by shared mental associations.

Mental associations are the raw material of ideas —it's what you use when you're brainstorming.

In Seenapse, you can navigate through the mental associations of people from very diverse backgrounds. It's like brainstorming with the world.

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