The best alternatives to Sambot - AI assistant for predictions are, Pynk Price Prediction Tool, and Swish Analytics. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Sambot - AI assistant for predictions
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  • is intended to help researchers and engineers outside of Facebook take their AI work from research to production more quickly, employing the exact same tools that Facebook uses to serve 2B people.

  • Pynk is the game-changing, crowd wisdom investment platform that's built for everyday people, by everyday people. 🦄

  • Machine learning platform for sports betting, fantasy & data

  • Our AI-powered video platform transforms text into a pixel-perfect, ready-to-post video. No more need for film crews, studios, or post-production. Customers are using us for: e-learning, sales, e-commerce, and ...

  • Anybody can be a data scientists now with our simple one click machine learning tool. No coding or data science background required. Ingest the dataset and tell app what to predict. Intensive focus on data clea...

  • Botnik is a community of writers, artists and developers using machines to create things on and off the internet. Botnik Studios is an entertainment group devoted to displaying the work of the larger community.

  • NameGuessr uses only a given name to predict a person's identity including nationality, gender, and age. It also gives information regarding the name regarding origin, meaning, pronunciation and more! It was bu...