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What is RhythmicWorks?
Developing software that makes difference in the lives of people. Primarily focused on developing mobile applications and working on latest technologies. Currently it is focused on developing fitness related applications

Recent launches

Plank Stopwatch Timer

Plank Stopwatch Timer is a stopwatch / timer designed for plank workout.

No need to look at the screen for the time. The app speaks out the time so that you can concentrate on your core muscles and let go of the "time anxiety".

Plank Stopwatch Timer image
7min (Watch) Workouts

7min (Watch) Workouts is a completely independent app designed for Apple Watch which contains the famous scientific 7 minute workout and others.

The app makes use of heart rate sensors, estimates calories, contributes to Move and Exercise rings on Apple Watch. It is a cohesive fitness experience right on your wrist.

7min (Watch) Workouts image
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