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What is Replai?
Replai is a platform that uses computer vision AI to help marketers optimize their ad campaigns. By analyzing key elements in top-performing user acquisition (UA) creatives, Replai helps marketers identify what makes their ads effective. The platform offers features such as data aggregation, user acquisition dashboards, automated tagging, ad deconstruction, recommendations, and competitive insights. By using Replai, you can improve the success of your campaigns, save time on creative analysis and iteration, and make informed decisions about your creative strategy.

Replai tech stack

We're aware of 7 technologies that Replai is built with. Replai utilizes products like Hotjar, HubSpot in their tech stack

Recent launches

Through AI tagging, Replai helps data and creativity come together to reveal what's behind top-performing UA creatives, empowering you to iterate with confidence.
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