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The best alternatives to Remee are Shape: Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Waker, and DreamFort.
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Best alternatives to Remee
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  • Shape is a lucid dreaming app for iOS – featuring audio guides for the technique of waking up within the dreamworld, Am-I-Dreaming reminders for cultivating the habit of questioning reality, and a dream journal...

  • This alarm is designed for sound-induced lucid dreaming techniques, such as FILD, CANWILD, and Rausis. You can extensively personalize the app for you to lucid dream every night effortlessly! This app is entire...

  • To learn lucid dreaming, common advice is to start writing down dreams. But that quickly takes a lot of time. DreamFort solves this by letting you add the keywords first, and the whole story later, when you hav...