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85 Reviews
Justin Jackson
Co-founder of
77 reviews
Recommended this product

Everyone who works on the web should understand design: software developers, product managers, etc...

This is the best resource I've found on the topic.


Henning Leutz
Founder of startups & products
18 reviews
Recommended this product

I'm really looking forward to going through all the content and building new products with it. I've been following Steve and Adam for the last few months and I've been really excited about every insight.


Kevin Reevers
Software Developer
57 reviews
Recommended this product

If anyone is in the proces of bulding applications, especially D2C-esque, this provides high-quality detailed information in not only how to design an enjoyble application, but how not to get caught in some of the pitfalls of design/prototyping stages.


Shahadat Shemul
Designer. Explorer. Micropreneur.
5 reviews
Recommended this product

Though this book has been made specially for developers but I recommend this for all the existing fellow designers. I suspect that not all the designers know all those tactics well. I also do/did some of the tactics mentioned in this book as always with my design experience without knowing the actual reasons behind them. This is a must.


Peter Suhm
Founder of Reform
8 reviews
Recommended this product

Read this book in one go. It only took 1.5 hours, which is something other books should aspire to achieve. I don't know that I've ever consumed that much knowledge about a topic in such a short time. It's really packed full of actionable tips.


John Potess
chill-build mode 2020
3 reviews
Recommended this product

Every insight is fantastic and having the examples of before/after the change is really help you feel the difference. I usually dread the design aspect of building something, but with every section I find myself actually excited imagining how to implement these ideas on current projects.


Ryan Crispin Heneise
Creator at Booster Stage
2 reviews
Recommended this product

I have been looking forward to this for weeks and just bought it for my team this morning. The content quality is top-notch, and all the examples are actionable.

The package is solid - PDF book, videos, and even an icon pack.

Combined with Tailwind CSS, this is my go-to design resource from now on.

The only thing I wish is that there was an HTML version of the book so that the examples could be inspected in Devtools.


Stefan Bauer
Founder, Developer
7 reviews
Recommended this product

The absolute madness. Adam and Steve bring the world of development and design to a common point, so that every developer is able to learn design. And I promise you that you too can do that with this book. For this price? I would have paid a lot more.


Jason Txf
Jason Txf
Tech guy with a passion in creation.
4 reviews
Recommended this product

Really dig reading this book!

I was suppose to be working and I ended up reading the entire book in 4 hours because the learning point is just soo good.

The chapters kept me going and It's so easy to read! It's actually the first book that I've managed to read through the end without falling asleep!

Colour concepts is the best! I was never able to understand it as well as this before. Thanks Adam and Steve! It's worth every penny! Now I fully understood HSL and HSB :)


Tyler Jefford
Sr Software Engineer | Fintech
1 review
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Wow. I’ve been following along on twitter for some time and couldn’t wait til launch. It’s finally here. And it’s amazing.