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The best alternatives to Real time funnels are Microsoft Clarity, My Funnel, and Lychee. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Real time funnels
  • Clarity by Microsoft is a web analytics product for webmasters. Session replays and heatmaps powered by AI and machine learning.

  • Ever wondered how you should market your startup? Answer a few questions that get to the heart of your startups' offer, market and customers. Get sent a visual marketing funnel, with the channels/tactics that are working for startups like yours.

  • Self-hosted photo-management done right

  • Volument is a website analytics software designed for conversion optimization — the fine art of getting more sales, leads, and virality. With focus on privacy, you can ditch cookie banners and start building something people truly want.

  • Agaze is a simple, straightforward website analytics tool, with an emphasis on data privacy for you and your users. The tool can be used as an elementary alternative to Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

  • Canecto is the smart way to handle website analytics. Canecto´s AI based software tells you exactly which pages you need to improve and what to change on each page so they perform at their best.

  • Funnelbranch is a service which helps you improve customer conversions on your websites and apps (think: onboarding funnels or product purchase funnels). We analyse how visitors navigate your website and provide you with powerful insights on where to improve.

  • Pathmonk Metrics analyses the growth opportunities & buying journey on your website. Then it generates insights on how to improve each stage of the Buying Journey and get better results.

  • Funneljoy lets you create highly optimized landing pages and sales funnels with no code at all. Just drag and drop. You get to even import external pages you love and edit to fit your purpose.

  • Fulljar is a Simple and Privacy Foucsed Analytics, in which we provide Google Analytics alernative. Fulljar is made for UX Designers Product Managers Marketers Development Teams and many more. Join us with my movement towards Privacy