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What is Canecto?
Canecto is the smart way to handle website analytics. Canecto´s AI based software tells you exactly which pages you need to improve and what to change on each page so they perform at their best.

Canecto tech stack

We're aware of 6 technologies that Canecto is built with. Canecto utilizes products like Google Fonts, WordPress in their tech stack

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Take the guesswork out of your digital marketing and create results. Zoom in on the initiatives that give you the best result:

- Insights on which initiatives will create most growth

- Specific recommendations on how to implement the actions

- The predicted outcomes of your initiative prior to executing

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Canecto 2.0

We have just released the new version of Canecto for people who do not want to:

Try to lean the complexity of web analytics

Guess on what to improve on their site

Spend time on the analytical process

You get out-of-the-box insights and recommendations into core website management areas

Site traffic

User Journeys

Content Quality

User interest

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