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A generative music relaxation experience
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The community submitted 3 reviews to tell us what they like about ~ R i p p l e, what ~ R i p p l e can do better, and more.
What do you think about ~ R i p p l e?
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Krishna Nandapurkar
Software development engineer at Amazon
1 review
I loved the overall experience. Awesome work man. Just to add the feather in cap: The window for the ripples is pretty small, I would love to see those in full screen view. May be we can have some more patterns for the ripples(not just dots and connecting lines spreading around, just for example, something like Sky crackers). Also we can think of more Timbres and corresponding frequencies/tones for the different background sounds. It seems that the randomness is decided over some predefined subset of frequencies/tones for the above Timbre used for the current version. I hope it won't take much time to involve more Timbres. Overall Really loved the experience and Will wait for upcoming versions of it.
Vishwesh Navtake ✨
Hey! Thank you so much for the feedback. Now as the base is pretty much nailed down I can experiment with more sounds, effects, tones, etc. Thanks for the review 🌸

Armando Miles
Story teller

slah moh
slah moh
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