Sending Mobile Push Notifications, from ANY website.
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PushPro - Send powerful Push Notifications from your current website, reaching all your visitors directly on their mobile device. Start for free today!
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PushPro 2
With PushPro you can send real app-like Push Notifications to mobile devices from your website, no app needed!
PushPro is 100% GDPR proof, installs in 5 minutes and comes with great automation, personalisation, segmentation and other tools. Try it for free!
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PushPro 2.0 - Audience Segmentation
After the successful launch of PushPro, we share with you PushPro 2.0 - Audience Segmentation! Send Push Notifications on mobile devices from any type of website to Targeted Audiences based on behaviour, demographics and more! Easy 5 min instal, no App needed!
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