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The best alternatives to Planter are Plant Parenthood, Greg 🌱, and Potted. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Planter
  • Keep track all your plant babies with the Plant Parenthood app. - Never forget when you last watered - Admire how much your plant babies have grown - Share plant updates with your friends - Ask for help from the global plant family!

  • Greg is a simple app that will coach you to grow healthy, happier plants. β € Greg uses insights from plant physics to train machine learning algorithms so you know when to water each of your plants, in whichever environment they’re in.

  • Potted is an easy, beautiful, and simple plant care and watering reminder app for you and your plants. If you have ever had trouble keeping your plants alive, Potted is here to help.

  • Horti is a plant subscription service for people who want to create and care for indoor gardens. Each month we send our customers hardy plants along with tools & manageable care instructions to keep their plants healthy & build their confidence in plant care.

  • Keep track of your house plants and set reminders to water them. Take a photo of a plant to quickly see its details.

  • Plant Care is a perfect app for taking care of your home plants. It helps you identify plants from photos, reading the care guides, perfect conditions to store your plants and deal with regular problems that may occur. You can also place 3d plant models using Augmented Reality in your room to see how it looks if you're planning to buy new plants.

  • Lua is designed to turn your plant into a pet. Using sensors, the smart planter triggers 15 different universal animated emotions. It measures soil’s moisture, light exposure and temperature to keep your houseplant alive and well.

  • HappyPlants is all about organising and adding all kinds of information of your little friends. How much water does it need? In which seasons does it grow? Does it require lots of sun? Basically, creating your own plant database in a visual way. If your hobby is collecting plants, you maybe like to gather all information about your home garden.

  • Mary is the ultimate indoor garden with automation and uncompromising design. Grow any fresh produce like you would in future - efficient and effortless. β€’ Adaptive automated growing with artificial intelligence β€’ Dual electrochromic doors β€’ Pop-n-pour nutrients β€’ External LED illumination + night light β€’ In-app access & control anytime, anywhere

  • 🌱 Comprehensive guides for all your favorite houseplants. πŸͺ΄ Deep dives for all your burning plant care questions. 🏺 Cool plant people & places, planter finds, design tips, and more.

  • Do you want to become an amateur botanist or a gardener? Do you have an empty space in your house that you can turn into a beautiful garden but don’t want to lose track of your plants? Plantiary is here to help you.

  • ThePlantMe is the iOS App to help you find your perfect plant or manage care of your own plants. No worries about care schedule, ThePlantMe will guide you.

  • Let's Garden is a simple journaling app to keep track of your gardening progress so you can go back and remember what worked and what didn't. Sync data across devices and remember what you need no matter what device you're using.

  • Organize the care of your plants in a simple and convenient way

  • Do you forget to water your microgreens, flowers, or vegetables? Sprout Path is a free app to help you keep track of your harvestable plants, with the ability to organize them, keep track of their care history, and even create template growing plans.

  • Growing rare and exotic plant species requires a deep love for plants, patience, and attention to detail. Knowing exactly when we watered last, can often make the difference between life and death for a young seedling. Sprouted is made for precision gardening.