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The best alternatives to Performance by Humi are Camaradly, FlowyTeam: OKR, KPI, Task, Projects..., and Leapsome Feedback. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Performance by Humi
M. Geslin Studios
M. Geslin Studios
A better world through design

  • Camaradly makes annual reviews painless and helps companies structure authentic conversations around feedback, engagement, and growth. Overall, Camaradly is a culture platform that helps companies build a cultu...

  • All Features Free for 180 days (for up to 10 users): Measure progress via OKRs, KPIs, Tasks, Projects, Leads, Reports, Tickets, Clients. Engage & motivate via rewards, 1-on-1s, check-in, 360˚ reviews, learning....

  • Leapsome provides an elegant solution to give and request feedback in your team and company. A layer of people analytics helps managers gain actionable insights and build a culture of continuous learning.

  • Better one on ones with your employees

  • We give you a complete view of your customers thoughts, needs, and wants. By encouraging our reviewers to be direct and frank in our unique 'Direct Feedback' feature we are able to help you improve your busines...