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What is Peepeth?
Peepeth is a social network for those who value mindful, responsible engagement: > Features encourage thoughtful content while discouraging reactive and hateful posts. > No ads. Peepeth is accountable to users, not advertisers. > Peepeth gives you control of your online legacy because data is saved to the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain data is open, decentralized, and immutable.

Peepeth tech stack

We're aware of 4 technologies that Peepeth is built with. Peepeth utilizes products like Google Fonts, Cloudflare in their tech stack

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Peepeth is a decentralized alternative to Twitter powered by the Ethereum blockchain. No company or government controls your data; so it's the perfect place to share what matters.

-Uncensorable & unstoppable

-Fun & easy

-Get tips!

-Prove it's you: link Twitter account thru the blockchain

-Charity badges

-Peep on mobile, email notifications, & more

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