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What is Paved?
Discover email newsletters that fit your customer profile and effortlessly launch newsletter sponsorships. Better newsletter sponsorships with less effort. Use the best tools to get accurate insights and analytics.

Paved tech stack

We're aware of 1 technologies that Paved is built with. Paved utilizes products like Cloudflare in their tech stack

Recent launches

Booker by Paved
Booker simplifies the sponsorship process for newsletter publishers. It's easily integrated into your site, accepts sponsorship requests, gathers creative content, and manages transactions effortlessly, increasing revenue and lightening your workload.
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Paved Smart Campaigns for Newsletters
We help you run newsletter sponsorships at scale. Paved Smart Campaigns expertly matches your target audience with data-driven newsletter recommendations aligned to your ideal customer, budget, and timing. Book multiple campaigns and reach new customers!
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