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The best alternatives to Parallel are Switchboard, Lisn, and Pyro. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Parallel
  • Communicate spontaneously like you are in the same room. Talk instead of typing with our always-on voice over IP network.

  • Listen to music + chat with friends, in real-time

  • Hosting a party? Let your guests choose the music in real-time with Pyro! Connect your Spotify Account, create a party, invite your guests with a link and you're ready to go. Collaborative listening has never b...

  • Ocean lifts the barriers that are often associated with electronic music-making & enable people to enjoy making music, exploring sounds and collaborating with people globally.

  • An extremely entertaining musical guessing game where you race against friends to name that tune! "The music round of a pub quiz on steroids". Great for livening up a group Zoom call. Also includes single playe...

  • SameTunes is a music social network. You can compare your music libraries, generate shared playlists, and discover new music. It is the answer to the classic question “What kind of music do you listen to?”. Per...

  • Chorus makes it fun to de-stress with our unique blend of meditation and breathing to the beat of popular music. Start your day with a positive mindset or unwind before bed. Taught (online) by expert instructor...

  • Host a listening party, hang with friends or meet new people while listening to great music and building playlists together. Let’s make the internet a little less quiet. Come say hi.

  • YouTube Party Playlist is a free browser extension to help you: - Play videos in sync with your friends. - Vote on your favorite videos. The video with the most votes plays next. - Listen to music with your fri...

  • Partyhero allows your friends to control and queue what songs are playing through spotify!

  • Intersect.Ninja is a site that finds intersections between your Spotify playlists and your friends' public Spotify playlists, so you can see which songs and artists you all like! The site is 100% open-source an...

  • Vibe has reimagined the classic experience of sharing an aux cord with friends. With this app, you can share and discover music with your friends anytime, anywhere.