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Explore Popularity & Activity trends using Github open data
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What is OSS Insight?
It’s a useful insight tool that can give you the most updated open-source intelligence, and help you deeply understand any single GitHub project or quickly compare any two projects by digging deep into 4.6 billion GitHub events in real-time

OSS Insight tech stack

We're aware of 6 technologies that OSS Insight is built with. OSS Insight utilizes products like Docusaurus, LinkedIn in their tech stack

Recent launches

OSS Insight Organization Analytics
GitHub Organization Analysis emerges as your strategic ally. Uncover its power to navigate repositories, refine collaboration, and boost productivity.
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Data Explorer
Data Explorer is an GPT-powered querying tool for GitHub live data exploration. Simply ask your question in natural language and Data Explore will generate SQL, query the data, and present the results visually.
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