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What is Nozbe?
Nozbe complete productivity system, focused on you getting stuff done with your team or alone. Simple, task-based, and mobile-first. Built for teams of all shapes and sizes working in all industries. Suitable also for teams of one - no matter if you need to manage your one-person business or private projects.
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Recent launches

Nozbe Teams
Here is Nozbe Teams, a to-do app for your team.
📧❌ No more internal e-mails or distracting messages!
🚀🌙 Fast and versatile, both on desktop and mobile
👩‍💻🏡 Perfect for remote teams (like us – we have no office)
💰➕ Start for free, no credit card required
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Nozbe is a task & project management tool for teams and busy professionals.

Create tasks, delegate them, communicate through comments, attach files. Anytime, on any device.

Share your project templates to promote your content as a full-featured checklist. ✅

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