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The best alternatives to NoNotify are Undisturbed for macOS, Heads Down 👩‍💻, and DND Me.
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Best alternatives to NoNotify
Blackray AI Product Research
Blackray AI Product Research
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  • Undisturbed makes the macOS Do Not Disturb mode really distraction free by hiding the notifications on your Dock icons so you won't get loose your focus by the red icon when receiving a new mail or message.

  • Heads Down detects your application of choice and automatically enables macOS's "Do Not Disturb" feature. It supports apps like VS Code, Figma, IntelliJ etc. 👉 Run in the background and let it manage DnD for y...

  • Ever wanted to get more focused work done? Do you find turning Do Not Disturb on annoying? Do you turn Do Not Disturb on, but forget to turn it off? With DND Me you can activate Do Not Disturb for a few hours a...