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The best alternatives to NEWOLDSTAMP are Mailmodo, Pastel, and Clientjoy. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to NEWOLDSTAMP
  • Mailmodo is an email marketing tool, powered by AMP Emails, enabling users to create & send app-like interactive emails to improve conversions. As interactions happen inside the email, users can take action seamlessly within the email.

  • Pastel is the easiest, and fastest way for web designers, developers, and agencies to collect feedback on the websites they're building.

  • Grow your agency faster with a one-stop solution to Manage Sales Pipeline, Web Forms, Proposals, Contracts, Appointments, Mailbox, Clients, Email Sequences, Invoicing & Payments with white-labeling | All in One CRM

  • Email Stash is the one-stop resource hub for all email and growth marketers with curated lists of 📚 Newsletters, ebooks, blogs, podcasts, and videos 📃 Email marketing tools and agencies 🤝 Communities and experts to expand on your network

  • State of Email 2022 contains insights from 250+ experts & data-based analysis to help marketers improve email conversion. 💡Email marketing trends in 2022 ✅Top 5 email mistakes of 2021 with solutions 💌Actionable tips from email & deliverability experts

  • GradeMyEmail is a free online tool that grades your email sending against key metrics like blocklist, content relevancy, authentication & industry best practices to help you understand potential problems with your email deliverability- https://grademyemail.co/

  • Messaging tools for the next generation of marketers. Connect directly to your data. Send on any channel. Only pay for the messages you send.

  • Master email marketing with these 3 short ebooks from Drip.

  • **STOP DIGITAL MARKETING BULLSH*T!** There are literally thousands of "experts" out there ready to take your money and feed you with garbage information. We need to cut that bullsh*t right now. We are here to help you with that.

  • Double Your MRR With Email Marketing

  • THE iOS 15 UPDATE brings fundamental change to email marketing by KILLING THE OPEN RATE METRIC. 20-year-old practices need to be unlearned. To help email marketers adapt, Omnisend introduced Opens Are Dead—a knowledge hub to navigate the transition.

  • Learn to master email marketing with these audiobooks.

  • Learn how to build and optimize successful email campaigns.

  • Eurekamail.co is an Email Marketing Management System with the flexibility to bring your own SMTP or Email API on board, this allows for efficiency, affordability, and running email campaigns in high usability and user-friendly way.

  • PrimoStats is a searchable database of curated marketing statistics. With more than 8,000 stats across 40+ topics, you can search and filter stats by topic, source, and publication year. Say goodbye to outdated stats from roundup posts.

  • Matt Paulson on how he built a $2.5 million / yr newsletter

  • Arigato PRO is a multi-functional drip email marketing suite that runs inside any WordPress powered site. Unlimited and forever yours: no monthly fees. Manage your mailing lists and email marketing campaigns from any web host that supports mailing.

  • It is not your customers’ job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.—Patricia Fripp Take advantage of email marketing.

  • Still sending eMails in one language only? Things become complicated quite quickly with the usual platforms. We decided it was time for a change...

  • Next Campaign is a total campaign solution for Email Marketing. Within the WordPress dashboard, Next Campaign allows you to deliver newsletters, collect leads, send automated emails, auto-add subscribers to a list, and manage subscribers.