get the real estate commissions that realtors usually keep
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What is NestApple?
New York-based next generation real estate technology and brokerage firm NestApple ( is offering home buyers the opportunity to earn a 2% rebate check of the sale price. Created in 2017, NestApple is a full-service real estate brokerage that saves clients up to 2% on the purchase price and sale transactions with our commission rebates and low listing fees. NestApple is paying its clients the commission that realtors usually keep for themselves. NestApple is a licensed brokerage with an efficient platform that assists clients in placing a bid through closing the deal and everything in between. NestApple founders are long-time real estate investors in New York City. After going through the lengthy and costly process several times, they grew increasingly uneasy about the outdated system

NestApple tech stack

We're aware of 6 technologies that NestApple is built with. NestApple utilizes products like Google, WordPress in their tech stack

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