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The community submitted 3 reviews to tell us what they like about Musicbed, what Musicbed can do better, and more.
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Roman Aleksandrenko
Founder, Habitloop, SlimU
Shady user experience locks into paying for the whole year, but it looks like you're paying for 1 month. Then, you're locked in for a year without an option to cancel until there is almost a renewal date (they make sure more people forget).

Daniel Norling
1 review
Absolute horrible company. Dealing with musicbed is like bying a gold watch from a turkish streetseller on the beach. Stay away.

Dominick Verstoep
3 reviews
Does not recommend this product
Review of Musicbed
TheMusicBed is a terrible company. Sales is friendly and they make a lot of promises. Once subscribed to their service they will email you that projects (which sales recommended a certain pricing package) does no longer qualify and you will have 24 hours to purchase a (very expensive) license. My prices went up by 500%. I contacted support and they say that sales cannot give legal advice and that the advice of the license manager is binding. And they also include a footnote that they recommend me to purchase within 24 hours otherwise they have 'no other choice than to take legal actions'. So within 1 week of starting my year subscription plan I already got threatened by them and had to pay 500% increase for using it in 1 project. Never again :)