The best alternatives to Music Widget for Apple Music on macOS are Sleeve, MD Vinyl, and If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Music Widget for Apple Music on macOS
  • Your currently playing track from Spotify & Apple Music, displayed right on your desktop. Super customizable with easy preferences to let you change everything about Sleeve, including size, style, position, layout, track info and more!
  • A beautifully designed widget for Apple Music & Spotify. It syncs the songs you're playing in the Music app to display in the widget.
  • A Progressive Web App for Apple Music built with Angular, Angular Material, and MusicKit JS.
  • with Widgeridoo you just combine different blocks to your desired widget. For example there’s blocks for images, text, health data, calendar events, birthdays, even text from JSON requests and more.
  • Personal Spotify playlist in seconds
  • Control music on your Mac from iOS Widget
  • Squidoo is a tool to control Spotify from your menu bar. 🎡
  • A collection of customizeable widgets for iOS 14 to help you personalize your iPhone
  • MusicView Pro allows you to control your music directly from your home screen. Connect with Spotify or Apple Music and control playback and like and unlike songs all from your home screen.
  • Lito (/laΙͺto/) Music is a lightweight Apple Music client for Windows and macOS, built with MusicKit JS, Edge WebView2 / WKWebView and React.
  • With the launch of iOS 14, I created MusicView which was the first app to push the boundaries with interactive widgets. Since then, MusicView has been updated to include top tracks, custom widget themes and Apple Music support.
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