The best alternatives to Moonsense Recorder are Creator, Live Mockups, and Famous. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Moonsense Recorder
  • Free live prototyping tool to build better ionic apps
  • Live Mockups helps you create Video Mockups for your Websites, Apps and UI Prototypes. Make video mockups in just 60 seconds. Export it in MP4 or GIF, Upload Background images and show your beautiful screens in Video Mockups to the world.
  • Famous is a SaaS-powered Instant App platform that merges the power of native apps and the mobile web. Famous' omnichannel Instant Apps reach consumers through key micro-experiences, creating strong connections between brands and consumers that result ...
  • Mockup a live website to a mobile device
  • Framer Form is a Framer-module built with the purpose of exposing a simple API for rendering 3D-graphics. Its purpose is to take existing 3D-techniques & libraries and expose them in the Framer Environment. It is built to support common Framer-concepts like Animations, States & Events in mind.
  • Learn to create prototypes that feel like real apps