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Roman Abashin
2 reviews
Does not recommend this product
Review of Mentory
Let me sum up the points I've made via your Intercom: # "Career mentoring" — it's debatable whether you really deliver what you claim. 'Beating the ATS' and 'acing the mean interviewer's questions' is not career advice or mentoring. # It's also debatable, whether HR people who have never in their lives have seen anything outside their HR / recruitment bubble are the best sources of career advice for a fast-changing world. # If you check out the existing mentors: How can one give a "CV makeover" and "Linkedin optimization" advice when their CVs on Mentory and on LI do not match / do not exist? # All copy for mentors is currently in Spanish, although the app seems to be in English and targeted at English-speakers. Doesn't look very inviting / looks confusing. What do you think about above points? Forgive my German bluntness: As it is now, I think there is a mismatch between what you are offering and what is actually there. What's your target group? (more specific than "Millenials"...) Have you tested it already? If yes, how? Why you think the price point / pricing strategy is right for this group? Where do you want to go with this generally? Is it actual career advice and long-term mentoring or just a quick "fix my CV" type of thing? (Frankly, I think both have a place — it's just not clear what you are offering)

Taras Brizitsky
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Does not recommend this product
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