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The community submitted 65 reviews to tell us what they like about Maker Swipe File, what Maker Swipe File can do better, and more.
What do you think about Maker Swipe File?
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65 Reviews
Mustafa Masalha
Digital Creator
1 review
I used it the last 7 days. I recommend every tweeter creator to use this amazing tool

Craig Cherlet
Passive income systems for entrepreneurs
2 reviews
Review of Tweet Hunter for Twitter. I started using Tweet Hunter when I had less than 40 followers on a new Twitter account that I just setup. I'm not at over 400 thanks in part to Tweet Hunter. I wrote a whole post on my first 7 days using Tweet Hunter here:

Maurizio Isendoorn

Founder & Leadership

4 reviews
I love all the features of Tweethunter. My twitter has grown tremendously

Olivier Mamet

Indie maker at Prompt Whisperer

3 reviews
sweet tool, started using today, we’ll see how we go

Pawan kumar gupta
Affiliate with small business
31 reviews
Wow the great

content creation artificial intelligence
2 reviews
Marketing - content creation - artificial intelligence - cyber security - design

Writer and Entrepreneur | Ex-Lawyer
35 reviews
Super helpful for me to build swipe files with writers I want to keep track of.

Lovish Madaan
SAAS SEO & Growth Marketing Specialist
4 reviews

Xavier Coiffard
Stop Building, Start Selling!
8 reviews
Recommended this product
I've been using TweetHunter for months now, it's been incredibly helpful to get tweets ideas and to engage with my community! I'm super impressed by how you guys grow and improved it. Keep going, you're doing more than great :)

Roberto Robles
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38 reviews
Recommended this product
I have been using Tweet Hunter almost since they started, so it is really exciting to see them launch on PH! 🤩 Tweet Hunter is a great tool to improve your Twitter content. It has helped me tremendously to come up with better tweets, increase engagement and grow my audience. If you haven't tried it yet, do it now. You won't regret it. I literally use it every single day 👌 @tomjacquesson and @thibaultll, congrats on the launch!!! 🎉