The best alternatives to MacBook Alarm are Watchful Eye, Unplug Alarm, and Next Time I'm Up. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to MacBook Alarm
  • Secure your laptop with Watchful Eye, a software that vigilantly monitors your device for unauthorized access and potential threats. Stay alert and protected wherever you are, ensuring your data remains safe and private.
  • Unplug Alarm 🚨 is the key to protect your MacBook from theft It notifies you if someone unplugs or closes the screen of your device. Set your options, activate the app, and leave with peace of mind.
  • Next time I'm Up is a new twist on an old system. It is reminders built off motion and not a clock or timer. You set your reminder and continue what you are doing, you get your notification when you get up and walk away.
  • This is a simple app to set an alarm based on any movement of your phone. This can potentially be used to alert you in case you suspect if someone can spy or access your phone behind you.
  • Alarm Buddy is a fun alarm app that helps you wake up by playing simple, cute and engaging games.