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The best alternatives to Lazyset are Jelly Party, SpotifyEditor, and Mixably. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Lazyset
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • Jelly-Party let's you synchronously watch videos on Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Youtube and many other streaming services. It features: - Video Synchronization - Notifications - A floating chat - User avatars - P...

  • SpotifyEditor helps you to easily organize your own playlists wherever you are

  • Playlist community powered by Spotify

  • Groovifi is a playlist generator that allows Spotify users to create playlists according to very specific and fine-tuned criteria such as mood, genre, BPM, years, artist type, and even musical key and tempo!

  • Quickmix analyzes your favorite tracks on Spotify and creates a playlist with your tastes in mind. It uses data collected from over 3 million playlists to determine which tracks fit each mood, activity, and you...

  • Playlistify is a simple web app that allows you to quickly create Spotify playlists from concerts, DJ sets, radio shows, and other mixes available on setlist.fm and 1001tracklists.com.

  • Share and upvote your favourite Apple Music Playlists

  • A way to blend your friends favourite tracks into one Spotify playlist. Start a party where everyone like the music. It's easy, just share a link and connect to Spotify. 50 of your tracks will be added, saves t...

  • DiscVibe allows you to create contextualized music playlists on top of your Spotify Library. With filters like genre, amount of novelty, energy and positivity, it allows you to discover your vibe at your own pa...

  • Create playlists out of a string of words or a tweet. Use it to find new music, or send to whomever you'd like. (May require creative use of homophones). Fun project for people to mess around with. Feedback is ...

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