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Aaron A
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Kryption is a secure messaging application that encrypts each message with AES-256 bit encryption and conceals that encryption to blend into the operational environment. Kryption is designed to blend in with the crowd through the entire application workflow. The app itself can be concealed, only displaying the chat functionality once a predetermined touch pin and biometric ID have been provided. The text for individual chats are also concealed using a proprietary linguistic steganography method — transforming important messages into friendly banter, links, emojis, gifs, and more.

Kryption offers the ability to delete messages from both users’ devices and the server at any time. Deletes originating from a user device will propagate to the server and back to the other user, and deletes originating from the server will propagate to both users’ devices.

Each solution is tailored for our customers needs. Our custom communications solutions come with a unique concealment package allowing you and your team to communicate securely. Kryption is a solution to the surging demand for a truly secure communication platform that supports the modern lifestyle of on-demand interaction. Busy professionals, private citizens, and small companies alike have a constant need for reliable, encrypted methods of communication with clients and co-workers.




Kryption believes your personal communications should be just that – personal. Our custom secure communications solutions can be tailored to fit the unique needs of privacy-conscious private individuals, professionals, or micro-businesses of up to 20 people. As a company, our user agreements support client ownership of their data. It is important to us to protect our users rights to control private communications.

As a business we are committed to offering more. Instead of focusing on the mass roll-out of a simple one-size-fits-all app we are able to deploy systems that address the unique needs of our individual clients. Our personal secure communication solutions can be tailored to the exact needs of individuals or small teams such as:

Celebrities/high-net-worth individuals who may be subject to illegal media intrusion.

Professionals working in sectors such as security, finance, legal practice etc.

Professionals who routinely handle sensitive data such as valuable intellectual

property/proprietary technologies.

Any other individuals uncomfortable with the major tech companies’ lack of respect for privacy.

Kryption stands out from the mainstream messaging apps because our elite team of developers works closely with our clients to integrate custom functions alongside the app’s core functionality. Kryption’s core feature set can be added to on a case-by-case basis to meet the needs of our clients.



3 Step Encryption Process: Many popular apps use powerful algorithms to encrypt data, but at Kryption we take this approach a step further. In addition to using AES-256 encryption, we also scramble and conceal every message using a unique linguistic steganography method. This converts the original text into an utterly unrelated message. Both methods are applied on an end-to-end basis meaning the messages are only readable to the sender and the intended recipient.

Complete Control: Your data is your data. Period. With a simple swipe left from the message window you can delete a selected message – not only from your own device but also from that of the recipient.

Routine Data Purges: We work actively to mitigate the threat of a high-level breach. Purge your server at any time from anywhere in the world.

Geo-Location: This includes the possibility to share location data in a completely secure way.

Concealment of the App Within Other Apps: By concealing the app a malicious 3rd party with physical access to a device will not even know where to begin searching for messages. Our industry leading experts can apply whatever functionality is needed for an optimal, bespoke security solution.


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2 reviews
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