Uber's geospatial analysis tool for large-scale data sets
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Jennifer Horowitz
Harvard Graduate School of Design '22
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Where do I even start. I can’t even begin to describe quite how beautiful a job does in providing a visually-stunning platform for geospatial analysis and visualization. In what have been years of exploring a variety of geospatial visualization platforms, never before have I seen anything like the unparalleled graphics that can help facilitate. From visualizing one's route to displaying traffic patterns, Uber’s utterly unique cartographic platform provides jaw-dropping visuals that will turn your data into colorful, often 3D-visuals in astounding ways. The desirability of this product stems in part from the platform’s ability to make sense of large-scale geolocation datasets in ways I myself had never been able to fathom. I had played around with the platform for a while but was so excited to see that was also found by a woman, something that is a real draw for me as a user of the service, geospatial technologist, coder etc.. Another element of the desirable nature of this product is the open source nature of its architecture that allows the public at large to create cartographic visuals to turn data into tangible insights with real clarity. My only caveat would be that for non-CS more GIS-inclined users the platform may be slightly more unwieldy than they might like. For that reason I would say the tremendous capabilities of the service are best realized by those with a more data science or CS-related background. I genuinely can’t recommend highly enough as well as the whole Unfolded (a break-off from Uber Engineering’s mapping department) suite of products. A real 10/10 for users with a data science background!!

Abhishek Gupta
PM, Uber
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