Jungle Scout Extension

Jungle Scout Extension

One-click Amazon connection for product research
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What is Jungle Scout Extension?
Jungle Scout will be your personal Amazon products detective and your profit advisor. It is a software that evaluates price, profit, sales data, conversion rates and so on to upgrade your FBA business.

Jungle Scout Extension tech stack

We're aware of 16 technologies that Jungle Scout Extension is built with. Jungle Scout Extension utilizes products like Google, Facebook in their tech stack

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Jungle Scout Cobalt
Jungle Scout Cobalt is the leading market intelligence platform built to help brands win on Amazon. Cobalt offers unparalleled market access, segment and trend analysis, and content optimization — all informed by the industry’s most accurate Amazon sales data.
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Jungle Scout
Jungle Scout helps small and enterprise brands make data-driven decisions and build profitable businesses. Dive into product research, keyword and listing optimization, inventory management, sourcing, and more with our industry-leading seller features.
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