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What is Jesi?
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Jesi tech stack

We're aware of 3 technologies that Jesi is built with. Jesi utilizes products like Next.js, PostHog in their tech stack

Recent launches

NFT Explorer
A fun and easy way to browse EVERY NFT on the Solana network.
# Browse the NFT holders of every Solana wallet
# See details on each NFT
# See transaction history
# Support for image and video NFTs.
Coming soon:
Make an offer, Faster cache, NFT galleries
NFT Explorer image
Image labelling API
This started as a request from one of our Image API customers to quickly produce and share their labelled images. It worked well, so we decided to release it as its own API.
Free for everyone to try out 🎉 We'd love any feedback or feature requests ❤️
Image labelling API image
3 more launches

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