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The best alternatives to JapaneseTab are Scape, Kana Origin, and LingoTime. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to JapaneseTab
  • Scape is a simple and elegant new tab page designed to show you important information quickly. Some of the core features: - Free and Open Source - Customisable (visual editor coming in a later update) - Accurat...

  • Starting from the origins, we will take you through the origins of Japanese kana and its relationship with kanji, helping you to better understand and distinguish these kana.

  • Rethinking language learning. LingoTime is a new app to learn Japanese vocabulary and kanji on all Apple platforms from watchOS to iOS and macOS. Unique features likes widgets, iCloud sync, Smart SRS support yo...

  • Are you a visual learner? Some people struggle with associating the shapes and sounds of forgein alphabets. Use animated mnemonic stories to learn easliy and definitely.

  • See common German words and phrases with every new tab you open. Each phrase has a phonetic breakdown and is translated into English. Most phrases have an example sentence or scenario that they can be used in

  • A simple yet useful app for learning japanese Hiragana

  • Start your day fresh by learning something new about the world! #TIL is a chrome extension that serves you a piece of random fact, in the popular "Today I Learned" fashion, on the page you visit the most: the N...

  • The application serves as a convenient tool for those who decide to start learning Japanese. This is easy way to memorize 🇯🇵 hieroglyphs through your native language. Transformation occurs from Latin and Cyri...

  • A community voice app aimed to help how you speak Japanese or English

  • I created Kana Trainer because I couldn't find an easy and not bloated app to learn Japanese Kanas. I mixed Machine Learning with some algorithm and a simple interface. If you're new to Japanese language, this ...