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The best alternatives to Imitate are Fluent, Polygon Video, and The French Number. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Imitate
  • Learn French, Spanish, or Italian while browsing the web Fluent automatically translates words on websites so you can learn a language while browsing the web. You never have to set aside extra time just to study. You can now learn from content that you're already interested in.

  • Polygon is an interactive video player for language learning. Click on text and closed captions in the video to translate them, upload your own videos, save to your library, and accumulate snippets for a learning experience like none other!

  • Get connected to a random French and talk about anything

  • Embark on a seamless journey to perfect your speaking and pronunciation. With just one tap, discover how a word is pronounced, and how a native speaker articulates it.

  • Nativeway has an only one specific purpose. It's encouraging the language learner to make a speaking from the first learning day.

  • Le French generator is a funny random French text generator that never creates the same sentence twice.

  • Fivey is an app that consists of the 5000 most common French words (with expressions). There are 5000 flashcards and each flashcard includes one French word and one expression. You can click on the card to see the translation. No internet connection is required.

  • AIMER.app asks you questions that force you to pay attention, instead of passively watching YouTube videos. That way you learn better! Questions are auto-generated, and we are running an academic research study to measure their effectiveness.

  • Unlock the full power of Youtube to learn languages! ➤ understand more with translated subtitles ➤ remember mountains of words with Spaced Repetition Odyssée (odyssee.jp) is available for French and iOS; more languages later!

  • Mille is an app that consists of the 1,000 most common French words. Each flashcard includes one French word and one expression (click on the card to see the translation). Pronunciation is available for every single phrase (recorded by native speakers).

  • We send One Text a Day that will make you laugh, cry or scream. Luma carefully curates content so you’ll learn the most common 1000 words in French 10x faster. When you’re ready, you can practice and review every word you’ve ever learned, on our platform.

  • ○ The world’s first CEFR-graded language-learning reader for French, German, Spanish, and English. ○ Product was initially intended to support language learning for migrants. ○ New, engaging stories & news every day with high-quality audio. ○ Auto-translations upon a tap on a word or sentence. ○ Comprehension quizzes & grammar explanations from language experts. ○ Free Download.

  • Free French conjugation app, built for French language learners, for every level. With more than 2 thousand verbs indexed, and 1500 verbs translated Conjugation.app is the best tool to help you speed up your journey with your French learning.

  • • One major downfall of current spending apps is that they don't take into account the "cost per lifetime" of items you purchase. • CPL is a python based web application to predict Cost-Per-Lifetime of a Product powered by flipkart.