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What is Iconosquare?
Iconosquare is a social media analytics and management platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, and TikTok that provides you with in-depth insights on your social media performance, lets you schedule posts, generate reports, monitor competitors' activity, and engage with your audience, all within one platform.

Iconosquare tech stack

We're aware of 9 technologies that Iconosquare is built with. Iconosquare utilizes products like Webflow, LinkedIn in their tech stack

Recent launches

Tiklytics is a visual TikTok analytics tool. The insights are broken down in a user-friendly way for multiple accounts. Monitor your profile stats, track hashtags and songs, and keep an eye on competitors’ accounts.
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Omnilink is a free tool that allows you to create a unique landing page with multiple redirections using one unique link. Powered by Iconosquare.
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8 more launches

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