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What is Hints?
Notes, links, screenshots, tasks, files, reminders, and voice memos are self-organized in the Hints app

Hints tech stack

We're aware of 9 technologies that Hints is built with. Hints utilizes products like Framer, Intercom in their tech stack

Recent launches

Hints – Notion AI Assistant
GPT-4 based AI Assistant that lets you manage any Notion template. Quickly capture, update, and retrieve information:
• directly from WhatsApp, Telegram, or SMS
• using natural language requests
• text or voice / thanks to Whisper!
Hints AI
📱 Manage your business from your messenger
🤖 Talk to the Hints bot like you would talk to a human
🔍 Stay focused on what really matters
⏳ Set up your messenger bot in 30 seconds
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